Zone 9 Tropicals Plant Sizes

Most of our plants are grown in 6-inch pots or quart pots.

Quart pots are 1.0 US quart volume 
(Note that 4-inch pots sold elsewhere are typically less than half this size)

6-inch diameter pots are roughly 6-inches in diameter and 6-inches high and are often referred to as a "trade gallon' size pots. It is a very common pot size but is not a gallon by volume. This size pot is also referred to as "(gal)" on our website.

We offer starter plants that are meant to be grown on to mature plants. Plant size varies for different plants but they are usually larger than most mail order nurseries. If you would like to know the size of particular plants please send us an email.

If you are purchasing for a gift please enquire about suitability.