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Philodendron Birkin

Dazzling striped varieagation on this rare Philodendron.

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Beautiful yellow/white striped variegation on this rare Philodendron. Philodendron Birkin makes a striking houseplant. In a brightly lit and not too dry spot it will reward you with gorgeous patterned leaves.

The dark green leaves with bold venation will have every houseguest green with envy when they see it.

Philodendron Birkin likes bright indirect light and prefers very well-draining potting mix that allows the roots to breathe. Water sparingly and use Tropical Foliage fertilizer about every six weeks. We water every other day and are not concerned if we have to skip the occasional watering for an extra day.

In our greenhouse we use sphagnum moss and a soil mixture with bark and perlite which allows for balance of moisture retention while allowing the roots to breathe. Constantly wet roots are not recommended as rot can set in.

Philodendron Birkin will not tolerate cold temperatures. Warm conditions promote better more consistent growth.

Light Requirements

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Partial Sun/Shade

Philodendron Birkin does best in bright light and may require up to four hours of continuous light. Full sun may be too much for this plant and can lead to less than satisfactory performance. Similarly, not enough light will lead to poor health as well.

Light sources for Philodendron Birkin include:

  • A western or eastern exposure location
  • A light controlled greenhouse or solarium
  • A window exposure with up to 4 hours of bright or indirect light
  • A patio with high walls or tall plants under bright shade
  • An outdoor location with bright dappled light

Be mindful of southern exposures where light intensity and duration may fall short. Obstructions such curtains or rooms with dark colors may also affect the light conditions where this plant is located.