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Ochna serrulata 'Mickey Mouse Plant'

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An evergreen ornamental shrub that prefers acid soil but is tolerant of wet or dry conditions, sun or part shade. Bears buttercup-yellow flowers, with many yellow stamens. Flowers are followed by residual sepals, which turn from green to bright red and surround glossy jade colored berries that eventually turn black in the center, resembling Mickey Mouse, hence the common name. Excellent for bonsai or pot culture.

Light Requirements

Full Sun

the Mickey Mouse Plant performs best with full sun exposure. It is best outdoors where it can receive sunlight all day unimpeded. It requires full intensity sunlight to avoid issues that keep it from reaching its full potential.

Symptoms of a lack of full sun include:

  • Pale colors
  • Spindly, leggy growth
  • Leaf drop
  • Failure to thrive

Indoors, the Mickey Mouse Plant may not get enough light unless it is in a solarium, greenhouse or next to bay windows.