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Goeppertia Calathea lancifolia 'Rattlesnake Plant'

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Strap, wavy pale green leaves with dark green stripes and dots.The dark purple underside is easily visible on the upright leaves.

Grow in bright light, shade or light filtered sun. Keep above 50 deg F. Makes an excellent indoor plant.

As taxonomists are wont to do, Calathea plants were renamed to Goeppertia.

Light Requirements

Full Shade

Full shade plants are solid winners for those of us with limited options and access to sunlight.

Calathea lancifolia will tolerate and maybe even thrive in low light conditions. To be sure, no plants can survive on no light but this plant will be fine in indirect sun, shade and in your home or office with bright light.

Some examples of full shade are:

  • Underneath the canopy of a tree
  • Underneath an arbor
  • Near (but not exposed to) a sunny window
  • Under bright house lights

Full shade plants will suffer in direct sunlight. They evolved living under the shade of natural formations or under a forest canopy.

Examples of too much sunlight are:

  • Curled leaves as the plant tries to protect itself from the sun
  • Burned edges or spots on leaves
  • Bleached colors
  • Wilting

Although Calathea lancifolia may be fine in a bright light location, it’s tolerance to lower light conditions lend it the versatility to be situated in shadier spots where other plants with more finicky requirements fail.