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Distichochlamys rubrostriata

Short, charming ginger from Vietnam.
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A short and charming ginger from Vietnam with yellow blossoms that emerge from a reddish flower spike in January and February. The flower spike reminds me of the Justicia shrimp plant. Distichochlamys rubrostriata grows to a height of 8 to 12 inches. Bright green, paddle shaped leaves are held upright on slender stems. The leaves are mildly ribbed and can be 4 to 7 inches wide.

Many of these are growing in the ground at Zone 9 Tropicals in our greenhouse where they multiply readily. We have not tested these outdoors for winter hardiness.They do not go dormant in the greenhouse.

Distichochlamys rubrostriata is very easy to grow in pots and spreads readily. We keep our specimens in medium to bright light and water frequently.

The lack of pollinators for this plant in our part of the world makes it unlikely to produce seed, but it easily spreads rhizomatously.