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Anthurium polyschistum

Epiphytic, climbing Anthurium
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Climbing aroid with spread of palmate leaves, from equatorial South America. Prefers a surface to climb on and will easily sprout roots at the nodes when happy.

Light Requirements

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Partial Sun/Shade

Anthurium polyschistum does best in bright light and may require up to four hours of continuous light. Full sun may be too much for this plant and can lead to less than satisfactory performance. Similarly, not enough light will lead to poor health as well.

Light sources for Anthurium polyschistum include:

  • A western or eastern exposure location
  • A light controlled greenhouse or solarium
  • A window exposure with up to 4 hours of bright or indirect light
  • A patio with high walls or tall plants under bright shade
  • An outdoor location with bright dappled light

Be mindful of southern exposures where light intensity and duration may fall short. Obstructions such curtains or rooms with dark colors may also affect the light conditions where this plant is located.