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Vanilla planifolia 'variegata' "Variegated Vanilla Orchid" (qt)
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Aristolochia gigantea brasiliensis "Giant Aristolochia" (gal)

Aristolochia gigantea brasiliensis "Giant Aristolochia" (gal)

1 Gallon - 6 Inch Pot

Aristolochia gigantea 'Brasiliensis'

Aristolochia gigantea brasiliensis Aristolochia gigantea brasiliensis

Aristolochia gigantea brasiliensis

Aristolochia gigantea brasiliensis "Giant Pipevine" sports an enormous flower. It has the heart shaped leaves common to many Aristiolochias but the flower can easily be two palm widths high. There is never a shortage of gasps and conversation when guests see the vine in bud and flower. This variety of Dutchman’s pipe vine does very well in our USDA zone 9 garden where it is occasionally knocked back by our winters but reliably comes back year after year.

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