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Coffea arabica "Coffee" (qt)
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Rare and Unusual
Rare and Unusual
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 Euclinia longiflora (syn: Randia macrantha) (qt)   Euclinia longiflora (syn: Randia macrantha) (qt) 
One Quart Pot
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 Ficus macrophylla "Moreton Bay Fig" (qt)   Ficus macrophylla "Moreton Bay Fig" (qt) 
 $19.99   Buy Now  
    Larsenianthus careyanus (gal) 
 $19.99   Buy Now  
 Petraeovitex bambusetorum "Nong Noch Vine" (gal)   Petraeovitex bambusetorum "Nong Noch Vine" (gal) 
 $19.99   Buy Now  
 Radermachera kunming "Dwarf Tree Jasmine" (gal)   Radermachera kunming "Dwarf Tree Jasmine" (gal) 
 $19.99   Buy Now  
 Thunbergia mysorensis "Brick and Butter Vine" (gal)   Thunbergia mysorensis "Brick and Butter Vine" (gal) 
 $19.99   Buy Now  
 Tibouchina grandiflora "Large-Leaf Princess Flower" (gal)   Tibouchina grandiflora "Large-Leaf Princess Flower" (gal) 
 $19.99   Buy Now  
 Wrightia religiosa "Double Flower" (qt)   Wrightia religiosa "Double Flower" (qt) 
A rare plant with clusters of tiny white fragrant flowers that appear in flushes throughout the year.
 $19.99   Buy Now  
    Wrightia religiosa 'Variegata' "Variegated Water Jasmine" (qt) 
 $19.99   Buy Now  
 Wrightia vietnamensis "Bonsai Wrightia" (qt)   Wrightia vietnamensis "Bonsai Wrightia" (qt) 
 $19.99   Buy Now  
    Azadirachta indica "Neem Tree" "Indian Lilac" (gal) 
 $22.99   Buy Now  
 Quisqualis indica "Rangoon Double" (gal)   Quisqualis indica "Rangoon Double" (gal) 
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    Vanilla planifolia 'variegata' "Variegated Vanilla Orchid" (qt) 
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    Strelitzia Parvifolia 'Juncea' "Leafless Bird of Paradise" (gal) 
 $24.99   Buy Now  
    Medinilla magnifica "Philippine Orchid" (qt) 
Cutting-grown plants will bloom sooner!
 $29.99   Buy Now  
    Scadoxus puniceus 'Natalensis' "African Blood Lily" (gal) 
Plants are currently about 8 inches tall
 $29.99   Buy Now  
 Strongylodon macrobotrys "Jade Vine" (gal)   Strongylodon macrobotrys "Jade Vine" (gal) 
 $29.99   Buy Now  
 Plumeria rubra 'Pink Maya' (qt)   Plumeria rubra 'Pink Maya' (qt) 
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 Strophanthus boivinii "Wood Shaving Flower" (qt)   Strophanthus boivinii "Wood Shaving Flower" (qt) 
 $39.99   Buy Now  
Displaying 26 to 44 (of 44 products) Result Pages: [<< Prev]   1  2