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Shrubs and Trees
Shrubs and Trees
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    Product Name   Price   Buy Now 
 Acalypha hispida "Red Hot Cattail" (qt)   Acalypha hispida "Red Hot Cattail" (qt) 
 $9.99   Buy Now  
 Aglaia odorata "Chinese Perfume Plant" (gal)   Aglaia odorata "Chinese Perfume Plant" (gal) 
 $19.99   Buy Now  
    Allamanda schottii "Bush Allamanda" (qt) 
 $10.99   Buy Now  
 Aphelandra sinclairiana "Coral Aphelandra" (qt)   Aphelandra sinclairiana "Coral Aphelandra" (qt) 
 $10.99   Buy Now  
 Bauhinia galpinii "Red Orchid Bush" (gal)   Bauhinia galpinii "Red Orchid Bush" (gal) 
 $15.99   Buy Now  
 Bauhinia mexicana "Orchid Tree" (qt)   Bauhinia mexicana "Orchid Tree" (qt) 
 $10.99   Buy Now  
    Bauhinia tomentosa "Yellow Bauhinia" (qt) 
 $12.99   Buy Now  
 Bougainvillea 'Bangkok Red' (gal)   Bougainvillea 'Bangkok Red' (gal) 
 $14.99   Buy Now  
    Breynia disticha 'Roseopicta' (qt) 
 $8.99   Buy Now  
 Brunfelsia magnifica (gal)   Brunfelsia magnifica (gal) 
Large fragrant flowers open dark purple then fade to lavender and finally white
 $16.99   Buy Now  
 Caesalpinia pulcherrima "Pride of Barbados" (gal)   Caesalpinia pulcherrima "Pride of Barbados" (gal) 
 $14.99   Buy Now  
 Calliandra emarginata "Red Powderpuff" (gal)   Calliandra emarginata "Red Powderpuff" (gal) 
 $15.99   Buy Now  
 Calliandra emarginata "Red Powderpuff" (qt)   Calliandra emarginata "Red Powderpuff" (qt) 
 $9.99   Buy Now  
    Cananga odorata "Ylang Ylang Tree" (qt) 
 $17.99   Buy Now  
 Cestrum nocturnum "Night Blooming Jasmine" (qt)   Cestrum nocturnum "Night Blooming Jasmine" (qt) 
 $8.99   Buy Now  
    Chorisia speciosa "Silk Floss Tree" (qt) 
 $9.99   Buy Now  
    Cinnamomum verum "True Cinnamon" (gal) 
The inner bark of this tree is used to make cinnamon. Price discount for two or more plants.
 $29.99 - $34.99   Buy Now  
 Citharexylum spinosum "Fiddlewood" (qt)   Citharexylum spinosum "Fiddlewood" (qt) 
 $12.99   Buy Now  
    Citrus hystrix "Kaffir Lime" (gal) 
 $13.99   Buy Now  
 Clerodendrum calamitosum (qt)   Clerodendrum calamitosum (qt) 
 $10.99   Buy Now  
 Clerodendrum incisum "Musical Notes" (gal)   Clerodendrum incisum "Musical Notes" (gal) 
 $15.99   Buy Now  
 Clerodendrum minahasse "Fountain Clerodendrum" (qt)   Clerodendrum minahasse "Fountain Clerodendrum" (qt) 
 $12.99   Buy Now  
 Clerodendrum quadriloculare variegated "Shooting Star" (gal)   Clerodendrum quadriloculare variegated "Shooting Star" (gal) 
 $15.99   Buy Now  
    Clerodendrum smithianum "Light Bulbs" (qt) 
 $11.99   Buy Now  
 Clerodendrum wallichii "Bridal Veil" (gal)   Clerodendrum wallichii "Bridal Veil" (gal) 
 $15.99   Buy Now  
Displaying 1 to 25 (of 126 products) Result Pages:  1  2  3  4  5  6  [Next >>]