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The Architectural Cornerstone of Your Landscape

Choose a tree to complement or set the tone in your landscaping palette. The Purple Orchid tree, Bauhinia purpurea, a favorite in Hong Kong, can grace your lawn, or for an elegant and bold statement try the majestic Magnolia. The world’s most beautiful tree is considered by many to be the purple flowering Jacaranda . It line streets, plazas and parks all over Buenos Aires.

A favored tree in US gardens is the Angel’s Trumpet. Its medium stature is dramatically accented by giant, fragrant flowere in white, yellow, pink and even red. The size of the flowers against the tree make me conjure fairy-tale images straight from Grimm.

Even if you don’t have a grand estate in which to showcase a massive tree, many species will fare well in container culture. Try one.

Flowering Trees
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 Caesalpinia pulcherrima "Pride of Barbados" (gal)   Caesalpinia pulcherrima "Pride of Barbados" (gal) 
 $14.99   Buy Now  
    Cananga odorata "Ylang Ylang Tree" (qt) 
 $17.99   Buy Now  
    Chorisia speciosa "Silk Floss Tree" (qt) 
 $9.99   Buy Now  
 Citharexylum spinosum "Fiddlewood" (qt)   Citharexylum spinosum "Fiddlewood" (qt) 
 $12.99   Buy Now  
    Citrus hystrix "Kaffir Lime" (gal) 
 $13.99   Buy Now  
 Dombeya x seminole "Pink Cloud" (gal)   Dombeya x seminole "Pink Cloud" (gal) 
 $19.99   Buy Now  
 Eugenia uniflora "Surinam Cherry" (qt)   Eugenia uniflora "Surinam Cherry" (qt) 
 $10.99   Buy Now  
 Jacaranda mimosifolia "Blue Jacaranda" (gal)   Jacaranda mimosifolia "Blue Jacaranda" (gal) 
 $17.99   Buy Now  
 Musa "African Red" (Corm)   Musa "African Red" (Corm) 
 $15.99   Buy Now  
    Musa "Royal Purple" (Corm) 
 $15.99   Buy Now  
 Musa "Ruby Red" (Corm)   Musa "Ruby Red" (Corm) 
 $15.99   Buy Now  
 Musa laterita "Bronze" (Corm)   Musa laterita "Bronze" (Corm) 
 $15.99   Buy Now  
 Musa ornata "Lavender" (Corm)   Musa ornata "Lavender" (Corm) 
 $15.99   Buy Now  
 Musa siamensis "Thai Gold" (Corm)   Musa siamensis "Thai Gold" (Corm) 
 $15.99   Buy Now  
 Pachypodium lamerei "Madagascar Palm" (qt)   Pachypodium lamerei "Madagascar Palm" (qt) 
 $14.99   Buy Now  
 Pachypodium lealii 'Saundersii' "Bottle Tree" (qt)   Pachypodium lealii 'Saundersii' "Bottle Tree" (qt) 
 $14.99   Buy Now  
 Radermachera kunming "Dwarf Tree Jasmine" (gal)   Radermachera kunming "Dwarf Tree Jasmine" (gal) 
 $16.99   Buy Now  
 Senna alata "Golden Candlesticks" (gal)   Senna alata "Golden Candlesticks" (gal) 
Sulphur Butterfly Host Plant
 $13.99   Buy Now  
Displaying 1 to 18 (of 18 products) Result Pages:  1